ProGROW Builders

We build the structures that let you GROW


ProGROW inc. Builders began in Michigan's Metro Detroit area with 35 years of commercial, medical, residential building, and general contractor experience.  In 2009 the company moved to the beautiful state of Colorado and began the +10-year commercial construction journey into the cannabis industry.  Previous commercial experience and knowledge solidify ProGROW’s growth potential and success in the cannabis community.


Design and Build

Providing What You Need

The first priority of ProGROW is to ensure customer satisfaction with construction and cultivation services in every area of the cannabis community.  We want to enable our clients to design and build their dream facility while ensuring they are compliant with local and state construction standards.

The experienced engineering and construction management team keeps a realistic budget and client expectations. Our in-depth product knowledge based guides clients with the purchasing and installation of all components ensuring a smooth operation.


Client Success

Our desire to stay present and up-to-date in all aspects of the cannabis industry ensures that we provide our clients with the strongest foundation for success.  The attention to plant care guarantees a prosperous outcome, resulting in higher yields and optimal potency.  We assist in securing our clients’ success with every step through our design process from your plants’ first introduction to your established grow.  A fine eye for detail, construction management, and product knowledge comes from previous years of expertise saving you thousands of dollars, and still achieving the quality of artistry, ingenuity, and integrity expected from such a momentous investment.


Design and Construction

Exceeding Your Expectations



We work with our clients from the very beginning including land selection or possible building conversion selections.  We do all construction from the ground up, or just renovating and reconfigure current structures for commercial and residential needs.  To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible we are present for all inspections and city meetings.

ProGROW inc. offers routine maintenance package options for existing grow facilities, dispensaries, and extraction establishments.


Consultation of Design and Layout

ProGROW inc. offers consulting services nationwide:

  • Cannabis Construction Consulting (scheduling, design to max production, proper equipment for the facilities)

  • Garden/Grow Consulting (create microclimates for plants to flourish, prevention of pest and mold, etc)

  • Hemp and Marijuana Extraction Consulting (equipment, use of Solvents, or solventless methods, etc)

We offer in-house design services including basic 3D model layouts, with direct client feedback to ensure the needs are met and productivity is maximized in a given space.  Our clients receive the best pricing on final prints since we work directly with architects and engineers on their behalf.


Remodeling & Renovating Services

Full redesigns and reconfiguration on new construction or the remodeling of your current garden, extraction, MIP kitchens, or dispensary.  You name it we can do it!

  • Full redesigns, optimized layout, and valued engineering 

  • Equipment updating 

  • Demolition and Building services


Site Management and Emergency Services

Our in-house designers and layout specialists have all the tools needed to ensure your investment success. We work directly with you, architects, and engineers to make sure your establishment is best suited for your needs. Here are some examples from our multi-regional designs in places like Denver Colorado, Los Angeles CA, and Michigan.


3D Designs & Layouts

Our in house designers and layout specialist have all the tools you need to ensure success with your investment. We work directly with you, architects and engineers to make sure your establishment is best suited for your needs. Here are some examples from our multi regional designs in places like Denver Colorado, Los Angeles CA, and Michigan.


Benches, Dry Cure Rooms, Extraction Booths

We are comfortable and knowledgeable working with clients on custom-built racks or assembling prefabbed racks from places like Urban Grown and many others.  We specialize in customizable dry cure rooms with climate, de-humidification, and temperature control.

Our in-house skilled team offers our knowledge in the selection and installation of extraction booths such as HAL Extraction booths, Green zone, Podtronix, and more.  Our in-depth selection process allows us to walk our clients through equipment optimization for C1-D1 booths.


Drywall & Framing

The use of high-quality drywall allows for superior moisture and mold resistant characteristics, making drywall less susceptible to contributing

The use of commercial metal stud construction is not only for compliance and structural integrity but metal studs guarantee additional protection against microbial and insect infestations usually are found on wood structures.


PVC & Insulated Panels, Floors & FRP Siding

Individuality and functionality are encouraged and essential for success in the cannabis industry. The GROW facility must have its unique operational style by using different materials like epoxy, tile, vinyl, and concrete floors.  And with our experience developing medical use buildings, we have found success in using products like stainless steel or FRP 4' 8' or full wall which allows for easier cleaning and sterilization. With our expert guidance, your drywalls will stay moisture resistant for wet wall or Fertigation rooms.

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